Sharon Parten Fowler

Oh, my goodness!!! I just wish I had more properties to sell, so that I’d have an excuse to interact with this incredible woman on an ongoing basis!

Jayna was AMAZING to work with: part counselor and hand-holder, part design consultant, part cheerleader, and 100% enthusiastic, tireless, always-in-touch, on-the-spot-when-I-needed-her, savvy realtor par excellence! Thanks to Jayna’s extensive advance marketing, we received a bid on our property 7 hours after it hit the market, and within 24 hours we had 7 bids, half of them for cash above the asking price – and it went under contract that day. Such a happy day!!!

At the outset, I had truly dreaded the prospect of finding the right contractor to renovate our property – I had no idea where to begin, even! And I had dreaded making all the design decisions that would be necessary. But Jayna set up meetings with three different contractors for me, met with them with me, collected bids from them on my behalf, and just basically cleared the way forward. She made it exciting, too; I have fond memories of one particular design consultation with her that was really intense, efficient, and fun, even – WAY above the call of duty.

I was so very happy when our sale closed – much earlier than I’d expected! – except for one thing: I realized that the very success of our collaboration meant that it was being brought to an early finish. But Jayna had already been a special angel in our family’s life: six months earlier, she had helped my daughter and her husband buy a home they truly love, so – both as sellers and as buyers – we feel tremendous gratitude to Jayna, who will always have a very special place in our hearts. And I hope we’ll continue to keep in touch in the future.

So: if you have a home you’d like to put on the market, or if you’re about to start looking for your dream home, please do yourself a *huge* favor and invite Jayna onto your team. She is smart, kind, funny, warm, and tireless in her work for her clients – and truly a great pleasure and privilege to know and work with. I know you’ll be glad you did!