Cody Breunig

The task of choosing a realtor can be a daunting one. When you set out on this journey, you want to search for someone who can make others see your residence as a home.

Only a few short months ago I started the chore of finding a realtor. Since I was in the Kyle/Buda area there was no shortage of realtors. I spoke to several individuals who guaranteed they could sell my home in a timely manner, but none of them were able to offer up a business plan on how to accomplish this. When I would ask for numbers to prove their reputation I was often given a blank stare. Many times I was told, “I have been doing this for years”.

As a business professional, I like to count on people who have established a reputation. I have learned to go with a person who has a proven track record versus someone who has simply been in the game for a long time. I would rather an individual with hunger work for me, then someone who has merely been in the industry for a long time. This is when I was introduced to Jayna Love.
I learned that she had only been a realtor for a short time, but I quickly learned she had a background in marketing skills. I posed Mrs. Love with the same question in regards to a business plan. I was presented with a meticulously thought out strategy which included displaying my property in such as manner that would allow anyone to see it as their home.

Mrs. Love’s plan to sell my house included outside of the box thinking, a targeted audience approach, and calculated ad marketing. Not only did she have a plan in place, but she also had an impeccable track record to back it up. I have learned to trust those individuals who have a passion for what they do, and it was clear that she had a passion for selling houses. As an additional benefit, I also quickly found out that she provided exceptional customer service. During my encounter with Mrs. Love it was clear, by the fire in her eyes, she had a true thirst to be at the top of her profession. Mrs. Love had a main strategy to sell my house, and she also had contingency plans in place. I am happy to report that because of her meticulous planning I was able to sell my house in a timely manner.

I don’t normally take the time to write reviews, but I like to give credit where credit is due. If you are searching for a realtor who will sell your house and provide exceptional customer service, then search no further. It is with my sincerest respect that I personally recommend Jayna Love and her abilities. You wont be disappointed!